16th Leipziger Workshop, Leipzig, DE

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Cytomics in LIFE

Incorporating: 9th International Workshop “Slide-Based Cytometry”
April 14-16, 2011

President Leipziger Workshop The goal of the Leipziger Workshop series is to transfer developments from innovative single cell based high-content analysis into applications in clinical research and diagnostics, basic biological research and drug discovery (see also meeting history). The Leipziger Workshop covers, among others, the fields of Cytomics, Systems Biology, Cytometry, High-Content Analysis, Modelling, new Techniques and Reagents as well as biological and clinical applications in Intensive Care Medicine, Oncology and Regenerative Medicine. Different areas are highlighted by renowned key note speakers.

Who should attend? In order to combine the knowledge of different disciplines scientists and clinicians from a great variety of faculties and disciplines are invited to participate and to present their data. We in particularly encourage instrument and technology developers, basic scientists and clinical investigators to attend.

Abstracts. You are invited to submit an abstract of your presentation early. All meeting abstracts and presentations will be reviewed. Authors whose presentation was found excellent (top 10%) will be invited to submit their manuscript as “Invited Paper” that will be published following peer-review in Cytometry Part A.

Publication. All abstract authors are invited to submit a brief manuscript on their presentation for potential publication in Cytometry Part A as a fully peer-reviewed manuscript (bring a print version to the meeting or send it to us electronically).

Teaching and Practical courses are an integer and important part of the workshop. Here, theoretical and practical, hands-on courses on cutting edge cell analytical instruments and technology are held. Separate registration is mandatory.
This course is also an excellent opportunity for companies to introduce and teach their latest achievements and cutting edge technologies.
We hope to see your latest scientific achievements presented at the next Leipziger Workshop or to welcome you as a participant.

Prof. Attila Tárnok,
Workshop President

Keynote Speakers (April 2011 Workshop, excerpt)
Frank Preijers, “Stem cell transplantion processing by immunomagnetic cell selections and follow up of transplanted patients using …”
Garry Nolan, “The Rise of Systems Immunology in the Post Fluorescence Era… Single Cell Mass Cytometry”
José-Enrique O’Connor, “Linking Cell Function and Structure by Multispectral Image-in-Flow Cytometry”