Michael Ormerods new book and Wiki “Flow Cytometry, a basic introduction”

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Dr. Michael Ormerod, a well known teacher of flow cytometry, has just published a new book: Flow Cytometry – A Basic Introduction. According to his comments, the intended audience of the book is people coming to flow cytometry for the first time. It is of a reasonable length (116 pages), so that it can be read and understood easily. While the book is not an exhaustive exposition of every aspect of the technique, it covers flow cytometry’s major applications in mammalian biology.

You can get a first impression from an also published online version.

Moreover, and most important in my opinion, he has also created a wiki version of the book. The wiki version contains all the contents of the book, but allows anyone to add or edit articles. They hope that you will be able to contribute in areas of your expertise to make the wiki a valuable flow cytometry resource for entire community.

And the final personal comment from Michael Ormerod: “Please do not be shy, the more people contribute content to the wiki, the better it will be”.