Molecular Plasmonics, Jena, Germany

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Molecular Plasmonics

International Symposium

May 19-21, 2001

Jena, Germany

Organizer: Wolfgang Fritzsche

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Plasmonic effects based on localized (or particle) surface plasmon resonance and directed towards molecules and molecular conjugates represent an emerging field between nanooptics and life sciences with a great potential for applications especially in diagnostics and therapy. The meeting focuses on recent developments in this field. This includes e.g. phenomenon occuring at molecular components due to local field enhancement effects, interactions with fluorescent dyes, sub-wavelength apertures, synthesis pathways to controlled spectroscopic properties based on size/geometry/composition as well as comparisons of simulations with experimental results.


Joe Lakowicz (Baltimore)
Itamar Willner (Jerusalem)
Din Ping Tsai (Taipeh)
Jiri Homola (Prague)
Shin-ichi Tanaka (Osaka)
Rachel Grange (Lausanne)
Alexander Kotlyar (Tel Aviv)
Rainer Heintzmann (Jena)
Frank Hubenthal (Kassel)
Ulrich Rant (Munich)
Ernst Stelzer (Heidelberg)
Jerome Wenger (Marseille)
Patrick Englebienne (PharmaDiagnostics NV)