New Logo Contest

Since about a year now there is discussion about the logo of the DGfZ as a subject to change. The old logo has had its merits; however, some members of the DGfZ felt there should be a clearer or simpler (also black and white applicable) statement. The new logo is imagined to cover insinuations both of flow cytometry and image analysis. This year we already use one of the new suggestions, however, this will be not a final decision.

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We want you to vote for the new logo of our society which you may think is most appropriate to mirror the activities and intentions of the DGfZ.

We will present the winner logo at the member’s assembly in October 2009. There is also a price to win of about 100 € for the designer.

Go on and feel free to vote for the logo you like most. You can vote for up to two logos, simultaneously. We still appreciate any contribution for a new logo and will integrate it into the current poll.

Susann Müller
Elmar Endl

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