Operator position at the Flow Cytometry Core Facility, Bonn, Germany

The Flow Cytometry Core Facility of the Institute of Molecular Medicine at the University of Bonn has an open position for a

medical technical assistant, biological technical assistant

as Operator

The aim of the Flow Cytometry Core Facility is to maintain and to broaden the spectrum of applications in life science as well as to improve the communication among scientists about methods in flow cytometry. We provide scientists access to state of the art flow cytometers and assist them preparing their assays, or help by interpretation of their data. The Flow Cytometry Core Facility offers you a stimulating and lively work environment.

If you can imagine to work in a dynamic Core Facility in the lovely town of Bonn Germany next to the river Rhine, then this might be of interest for you.

For further details see this FCCF-Bonn-2011.pdf