PhD position, Department of Environmental Microbiology, UFZ, Leipzig, Germany

The Department of Environmental Microbiology, Working group Flow Cytometry is inviting applications for a

PhD position (m/f)
code digit: 35/2011

The position is granted within Subproject 3 ‘Analyzing whole-cell biocatalyst performances at the singlecell
level.’ and part of the ERA-IB Consortium ‘Pseudomonas 2.0: industrial biocatalysis using living cells’.

The successful candidate will have the unique opportunity to work within an European consortium of well known microbial biotechnologists and industrial partners. The basic objective is to exploit the innate potential of Pseudomonas by a combination of thorough systems analysis and the construction of a novel Pseudomonas  2.0 strain using a Synthetic Biology approach. The Pseudomonas strains will be characterized with respect to their performance in an industrial environment. In detail, to improve the biocatalytic performance (e.g., production of (S)-styrene epoxide) of Pseudomonas the carbon and energy metabolism will be engineered. Metabolic and regulatory mechanisms complicating industrial applications will be studied such as solvent tolerance adaptation, product yield, and cell-to-cell variability.

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