19th Annual Conference of the German Society for Cytometry, Leipzig

19th Annual Conference DGfZOctober 14-16, 2009 The Annual Conferences of the German Society for Cytometry provides an annual platform for exchange of knowledge on single cell based technologies and applications. It mainly covers research in medical fields, like Oncology, Diagnostics and Clinical Applications.

However, the Conference will also focus on new Developments, Instrumentation and Imaging as well as so called side fields like Biotechnology, Plants Biology and Microbiology. Beside analysis of population and community dynamics the investigation of molecular structure of the single cell and its functioning is going to an indispensable component of all disciplines. Therefore, Systems Biology and Cytomics will be also main topics of the Conference.

We would like to invite all experienced scientist to exchange their knowledge within these fields and to probably get excited by adjoined topics. Of course, all newcomers to the field are especially invited, since this Conference is an excellent platform to talk to many senior researchers in the field who may provide lots of tips and tricks for actual work. To encourage young people to come we will offer a special low registration fee.

Of course, technicians are always welcome to participate. We will also provide possibilities for continuing education. Although this Conference is a German one, we all know that we are a part of the world and should not stay separate. We believe that the DGfZ will benefit from close collaboration with the German neighbours and other European countries. So, one of the afternoons will be kept for information about cross-border collaborations and facilities. All people who are involved in such networks are invited to report about their experiences. And last not least, the funniest discussions always occur during the core facility workshops, which will be a continuing part of this Conference, too.

We encourage you to come and submit an abstract of your recent work for oral or poster presentation. All meeting abstracts and presentations will be reviewed. More details on how to submit your abstract will follow soon. So mark your calendars and please be aware of the deadline which is July, 31st 2009.

Best regards

Susann Müller (President)

Elmar Endl (Vize President)