Klaus Goerttler Prize

Since 1996 the German Society for Cytometry awards younger scientists with the Klaus Goerttler Prize. The prize is dedicated to award scientists at the start of their career for their scientific work of exceptional quality and level of innovation in the field of cytometry.

The award is endowed with 1,000 Euros. In addition, the laureate will give a presentation on the awarded research at the annual meeting of the German Society for Cytometry (DGfZ) and has the opportunity to design and chair the Klaus Goerttler Session at the annual meeting in the subsequent year.
The awardee will be supported by the president of the Society. The Klaus Goerttler Prize is commonly awarded at the annual meeting of the DGfZ in the year of application.

Who can apply for the Klaus Goerttler Prize?
The Klaus Goerttler Prize is open to young scientists who have submitted an outstanding doctoral, diploma, master or equivalent thesis in the field of cytometry within 12 months before the application deadline. The achievement should be supported by adequate publication(s). Candidates may apply themselves or be proposed by others.
Membership in the DGfZ e.V. is not required.

Submit your application by email to the acting president of the Society. Compile all documents in a single PDF file and send it as an attachment or provide a download link.

Valid applications contain:

  • A cover letter, putting the work into context and outlining your engagement in the cytometry community,
  • The thesis, and supporting publications,
  • A CV, and a list of publications,
  • Optional, additional materials, such as letters of support.

Incomplete applications will not be considered.

The deadline for submitting an application is May 31st of each year.

Applications submitted after the deadline may be excluded from consideration, and may be carried forward to the next award period.

Prize decision

The submitted materials will be assessed by the Board and Advisory Board of the German Society for Cytometry based on scientific merit, level of innovation, and involvement of cytometry, and prospected engagement of the candidate in the scientific community in the area of cytometry. The prize may be divided or awarded more than once. The DGfZ reserves the right not to award a prize due to insufficient quality or for other reasons. The Society is not obliged to give reasons for awarding a prize or for not awarding a prize. The Society also reserves the right to change the amount of the award.


The Klaus Goerttler Prize will be awarded by the president by handing over the prize money and a certificate. The winner will be informed by email as soon as a decision has been reached.
The winner presents the awarded work at the annual meeting of the German Society for Cytometry, and will design and chair the Klaus Goerttler session of the next year’s conference.

In 2024 this is on Friday, September 13th, in Berlin.

Download here the announcement:

For further questions, please contact:

Henrik Mei
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