DGfZ Congress 2007 in Regensburg

A brief resumee of the 17th meeting held in Regensburg (Oct 10th to 13th 2007)

The 17th annual meeting of our society took place in Regensburg from Oct 10th thru Oct 13th. More than 200 international scientists found their way to the University Hospital of Regensburg, where the 17th annual meeting took place from Oct. 10th thru Oct 13th 2007. In the capacity of the president of the German Society of Cytometry Gero Brockhoff together with his local crew organized the meeting with traditionally takes place since 1989 the very first time in Regensburg.

This year’s scientific program comprised session out of the field of cancer biology, microbiology and biotechnology, nanotechnologies and novel applications, clinical cytometric applications as well as cytometry in plants. 15 international speakers were invited, amongst them Prof. Dr. Stefan Hell, director of the Max Planck Institute of Biophysical Chemistry (Goettingen, Germany). On November 23rd 2006 Professor Stefan Hell was presented with the prestigious German Future Award by Federal President Horst Koehler. This annual technology and innovation award, which was conferred for the tenth time in 2006, is given in recognition of projects that not only have revolutionary implications for science but are also ready for application and marketing.

Prof. Hell was the first to find a way of overcoming the 130-year-old Abbe limit in the fluorescence microscope, the most important microscope in biomedical research. Ever since the 17th century the light microscope has been one of the main symbols of scientific progress – particularly in biology and medicine. Harnessing STED (stimulated emission and depletion) microscopy, molecules can now be imaged with far greater definition than before. It is expected that Hell’s development will have substantial impact in many fields of basic and biomedical research in the near and distant future.

Overall the University Hospital turned out as a very appropriate and likewise extraordinarily attractive venue for the DGfZ- and related meetings. Participants appreciated their stay at the beautiful World Heritage Site.


Special Acknowledgement: The meeting was organized with the assistance of and accomplished by the:

The local organizers crew: – Marietta Bock – Simone Diermeier – Andrea Sassen – Angelika Graf – Silvia Seegers – Elisabeth Schmidt-Brücken – Arabel Vollmann All of them have done a great job.