You are currently viewing Welcome to the 22nd Annual Conference of the German Society for Cytometry, Bonn, DE

Welcome to the 22nd Annual Conference of the German Society for Cytometry, Bonn, DE

Poster-DGfZ2012The program committee is cordially inviting you to participate at the

22nd Annual Conference of the DGfZ 2012

hosted at the center of advanced european studies and research (caesar), Bonn, Germany.

The meeting will take place from October 10th to 12th 2012.

Before we talk about this year’s conference, we would like to take the opportunity to look back for a moment. For those who attended last year’s conference, it was a lively and informative exchange of scientific, technical and personal ideas and information (Abstractbook .pdf). Both the lectures and the industrial exhibition were characterised by high quality presentations and profound expert knowledge on site. The  broad spectrum of topics gave attendants the opportunity to talk about nearly all aspects of cytometry. And whenever we asked people afterwards, talking was the main characteristic of the conference and what they enjoyed most. The Center of Advanced European studies and research in Bonn was an excellent venue for this purpose, and we would like to thank the people there that supported us, not last because of their excellent catering.

We will therefore organise this year’s conference around the same topics and continue with the discussions that were already started. In addition to the traditional topics in ImmunologyOncology and Stem Cell Biology, Nano– and Microtechnology, as well as Micro- and Biotechnology, have been established as integral parts of the conference. Following the success of last year’s microscopy session, we hope to set up another impressive session on topics in advanced microscopy. We will once again organise the Klaus Goerttler Session on current topics in cytometry, as well as the Meet the expert lecture, to give young people the opportunity to present and to get in touch with experts in the field.

Moreover, in order to support young scientists the Klaus Goerttler Prize (1.000 €) will be awarded by the DGfZ for extraordinary research of cytometric relevance. Papers and/or theses which have been published will be considered in the reviewing process for this prize. Members and non-members of the DGfZ are encouraged to apply for this prize. For consideration in the review process, please submit relevant manuscripts and c.v. via e-mail to the president of the society Dr. Elmar Endl ( and the advisory board of the DGfZ (

Enough said about the spirit of a DGfZ conference; we want to invite you to take part in the 22nd Conference of the German Society for Cytometry and get (and make!) your own impressions and memories of the conference, as well as new contacts that might be old friends in the future.


Elmar Endl and Frank Schildberg

(Local Conference Organisers)